If you are a student at Indiana University, chances are you know what IUDM is. What you may not know if you’ve never participated, however, is the amount of time, effort, and heart that goes into each year’s Dance Marathon. From the moment IUDM 2014 ended, the Executive Council as well as all of the committees have been hard at work planning to make IUDM 2015 the best dance marathon this school has ever seen! We know just how hard all of the committee members have been working to fundraise, plan, and improve IUDM. And what better way to show appreciation for all of that hard work than some free food?!

The Student Athletic Board will be hosting a cookout for all IUDM committees on Wednesday, April 8th at 4 PM at the Thomas House, located across the street from the tennis center. Make sure you get there early, because the first 100 committee members to show up get FREE FOOD!!! And make sure to get all of your friends to come out and stay for the game! 

At 6 PM, the IU Softball team will be playing Purdue. Let’s see which committee can get the most members to come out and support the team! We encourage all committee members to come out and see which committee can get the most members to show up. Finally, an exciting announcement about IUDM will be read during the game, so you really want to make sure your committee is there to hear it!

Let’s show the rest of IU just how awesome IUDM is! Show up early, grab some free food, and stay to watch the game and show your support for IU!

I’m Kyra Strzelczyk, and I’m FTK!