Whether you are exploring the world, testing out corporate waters with your internship, or working hard to save up money for next semester, summer is the best–yet most under utilized—way to get ahead on summer fundraising. When everyone returns to Bloomington and IUDM season kicks into high gear there will be roughly 80 days until the marathon. Year after year it’s obvious that the best fundraisers are the people who take advantage of the three (plus) months of summer ahead. Here are five ways you can kick of  your summer fundraising:

1. Send out your letters ASAP

If you haven’t done it yet, write your letters now! Once you have the basic letter down, everything else falls into place. Address your envelopes, grab some stamps and send them on their way. Don’t forget to include your Convio link for quick donations. Letters take half the time you ever expect them to, and pay off big time in the long run!

2. Summer Canning

If you live in Indiana or the Chicago area, grab a bucket and head out! Just remember to email fundraising@iudm.org to confirm the location, and be sure to check with the business!

3. Start a coin jar

Set aside the change you normally accumulate and at the beginning of the school year turn it into the IUDM office. Every cent counts, and this is an easy way to add them up. You’ll get bonus points if you get your family or roommates to contribute too!

4. Sell your clothes

Everyone has clothes they just don’t wear anymore. Instead of letting them linger in your closet, round them up and sell them back to Plato’s Closet. A few pairs of jeans you haven’t worn since high school could mean big bucks for your total. Same rules apply for garage sales and EBay! 

5. Have a job?

Whether it be saving 5% of every paycheck for your total or having your company participate as a corporate sponsor or corporate match, having a job can create another perfect opportunity to fundraise. If you don’t have a job, donate time to do work for others and then put that money away toward your summer goal. There are plenty of people who would be more than willing for you to mow their lawns, water plants or even wash their cars

6. Check your email

Throughout the summer, IUDM will send different canning and fundraising opportunities as they come up. Take advantage of as many of them as possible!

Bonus: if you ever get stuck, or need help ask your fundraising chair or director for help. They’ll do just about anything to help you reach your goal, but they can’t read your mind

Have a wonderful summer, and happy fundraising!!!