In between the universal New Year and Chinese New Year lands a special holiday – the start of a new year of IUDM. Committees are carefully selected, executive council is fully loaded, and the planning, fundraising, and magic begins. I know I’ve been waiting for this day ever since IUDM 2014 ended and I couldn’t be more excited to get started.

We are the Public Relations committee and we are proud to be the voice of this organization through this blog. The sense of community that IUDM brings to this campus, this hospital, and this world is one that needs to be recognized. 

Everyone involved in this organization – the dancers, the committee members, the parents, the Riley patients, the alumni, the teachers, the donors, the friends bringing food to the dancers during the marathon, the company that designs our t-shirts, the people who follow IUDM on social media, the security and medical staff who keep us safe – they all have a different story. They all have a reason as to why they became a part of IUDM in the first place and a reason for why they keep coming back.

Why do you do it?
Why are you reading this?
What are you going to do to make this new year of IUDM the best one yet?

Let us know, and we’ll let the world know. My name is Courtney Pories and I am the 2015 Publicity Chair on the PR committee, email me at to share your thoughts and ideas! Any and all are welcome!