In an effort to expand the dance marathon family and strengthen the bond with Riley Hospital for Children, IUDM has installed Hospital Relations as a new, 18th committee for IUDM 2016! My name is Maddy Vonderohe, Director of Hospital Relations, and I would love to take this opportunity to give the IUDM community a rundown of what HR is all about!

Hospital Relations exists to help all members develop a deeper passion for and connection to Riley Hospital for Children. HR will have six unique subcommittees, each with individualized tasks designed to achieve this goal. The subcommittees are laid out as follows:

Events will be responsible for planning events both inside and outside of the hospital, such as baby showers for the mothers and families of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, (NICU) and the all-committee skydiving event!

The Donations subcommittee will work within the Bloomington community to collect gift and food donations for the NICU baby showers and all other events hosted through HR this year.

Ronald McDonald House
The Ronald McDonald House subco will coordinate with the Ronald McDonald House in Indianapolis. They will serve as a liaison for each committee to set up and serve at least one meal at the house sometime throughout the year.

The Education subcommittee is one of upmost importance this year, as it will be responsible for educating the IUDM community and donors on the new endowment we are beginning at Riley Hospital! This will include attending other committees’ meetings to speak on the matter, as well as attending dancer education meetings in the fall. The subcommittee will also help to publish monthly newsletters regarding the inner workings of the hospital.

The Culture subco is one featured in each of the 18 committees, yet every Culture subcommittee is different. Culture will be responsible for bringing Hospital Relations together as a family and developing new traditions as we kick off our inaugural year!

Fundraising is responsible for inspiring HR to fundraise to the best of their ability. They will help set monetary goals for the committee, as well as provide incentives and constant encouragement to help every member strive to reach their goals.

Overall, Hospital Relations will help to strengthen the relationship between IUDM and Riley Hospital for Children in ways that have never been done before. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as the Director of Hospital Relations this year, and I cannot wait to see how the IUDM community benefits from the addition of this committee. If you are interested in becoming a subco chair or committee member for HR, the application can be found at

If you have any additional questions regarding Hospital Relations, please feel free to contact me at! Looking forward to a great year making even more miracles for the kids!

Maddy Vonderohe
Director of Hospital Relations