Meet Frankie and Zoe. Their Riley story began when Zoe was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at a very young age. Over the years, they have spent a lot of time in and out of Riley Hospital for Children where Zoe continues to receive treatment and Frankie participates in clinicals that help the wonderful doctors at Riley save the lives of so many other sick children.    

These two have been the Public Relations committee’s Riley kids for years and are the most bubbly and fun girls you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. They brighten the day of everyone they come in contact with and truly love and embrace IUDM. It has been an honor having the girls as a part of our IUDM family and PR has loved every single second of it.

 Frankie and Zoe attend numerous events throughout the year jump at the chance to show their support whenever they can. Today was no different as they spent the day with PR committee chair’s Ali Shears and Kathleen O’Keefe and the sisters of Theta Phi Alpha at their 4-on-4 Twister Tournament philanthropy fundraiser in support of the Bloomington Salvation Army.  The girls got to enjoy the beautiful weather while having a blast on the bouncy house and inflatable twister mat. Zoe and Frankie are always life of the party wherever they go and encourage everyone to join the fun. Zoe initiated a game of tag with all of the girls while Frankie busted a move to the many Katy Perry song she requested the DJ play.

After the fundraiser, the girls continued to show their love for their IUDM family by participating in the Ryan and Ashley Walk, which concluded yet another amazing Ryan and Ashley Week and honored what is the 10th year anniversary of Ashley Louise Crouse’s passing. There’s no denying how much Frankie and Zoe love being a part of IUDM and their passion and enthusiasm continue to inspire us all.  

I’m Sydney Howe, and I’m FTK!