“All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.” — Jim Rohn

On IU Dance Marathon’s Legacy Day, we give all IUDM alumni (committee members, dancers, donors, and all inspirations) to reflect on their experiences and the impact they’ve had on Riley Hospital for Children through one of our biggest pushes for awareness and fundraising. 

Legacy Day also happened to fall on National Dance Marathon Day for Children’s Miracle Network. We celebrated by holding a flash mob in downtown Indianapolis lead by the Morale Committee and concluded IU’s victory over Purdue in the Old Riley Bucket Challenge. These efforts combined only enhanced our push for the #IUDMtoGMA campaign as IUDM hopes to reach an unprecedented national audience through Good Morning America. 

Casey Crouse, the brother of the late Ashley Louise Crouse — whose memory lives on through IUDM, capped off Legacy Week by taking that quote to heart as he finished 103rd overall in the Louisville IRONMAN Triathlon. 

Crouse has spearheaded the #ImForAsh (IRONMAN For Ashley) campaign, which has raised more than $140,000 towards its goal of a quarter of a million dollars. All of the donations will be donated to the kids at the Riley Hospital for Children through IUDM to honor the 10-year legacy of Ashley since her passing. 

With just three weeks until the marathon, its days like these that remind us how powerful our voice can be and how strong the IUDM community is. A huge thank you to all of our donors and supporters this week and every week, and a gigantic congratulations to Casey for his incredible fundraising efforts, dedication to the cause, and outstanding performance in the IRONMAN triathlon. 

I’m Andy, and I’m FTK!