With less than a month until the marathon, it’s hard to contain the excitement. For the past year, the IUDM community has been fundraising, planning, and preparing for another successful weekend and it’s becoming increasingly hard to sit still. Thankfully Alli Martino, the Media Chair for the Public Relations Committee, has created a way to keep dancers busy for the next few weeks.

Since last fall, Martino has been developing IUDM’s Readership Campaign and establishing a partnership between our organization and the Indiana Daily Student. The IDS became a gold level sponsor, donating advertising space in their newspaper for IUDM to publish promotions for Riley at the Rock, recruitment call-outs, general awareness for the marathon, and for the marathon promotional tickets.

The first promotional ticket was published on October 9, and there have been nine tickets published to date with the tenth being released sometime before this weekends marathon. They are published randomly and semi-weekly, and there is no prior announcement.

The rules are as follows:
1.  Each dancer can cut out a promotional ticket from the paper and write their name on it.

2.  Dancers must hold on to their tickets and bring them to the marathon to be entered into the drawing. 

3.  You will be able to turn in your tickets from 10 PM Friday night to 1 AM Saturday morning and then again 
     from 5 PM to 8 PM Saturday evening.

4.  Throughout the marathon, winners will be chosen. Prizes include massages, gift cards, apparel, etc.

5.  There are 10 different tickets, each one labeled with a different number. Dancers can only collect ONE of          each number. For example, you cannot take ten of the same newspaper and cut out the same ticket ten            times. If that newspaper features ticket #5, you can only take one ticket #5.

Sounds fun right? But this contest is more than just fun. This campaign is more than just entertaining. The establishment of a partnership between the IDS and IUDM is huge and really speaks for the values of our organization. Yes, we do it for the kids and for Riley Hospital, but we are college students participating in a college organization and our involvement with our school is just as important and crucial to our success as our involvement with Riley. This campaign not only benefits the goals of IUDM and of the IDS, but more importantly connects two of the largest and most widespread IU student groups. 

“I never would have thought that conceptualizing and implementing a campaign could be so challenging, but in the end, the outcome is the best reward possible,” Martino said. “Nothing makes me happier than to hear people talking about this campaign and seeing my subcommittee members walk into our meeting with the campaign advertisements.”

The goal is to collect 5,000 total ticket entries. Make picking up an IDS a part of your daily routine and be on the lookout for the last promotional ticket. See you in 4 days

Written by Courtney Pories