With the 2014 marathon year coming to a close, here are some thoughts from senior IUDM Executive Council members on how dance marathon has change their lives since joining the IUDM family:

“IUDM has defined my college career. It’s the most worthwhile thing I have ever done, and the greatest organization I have ever been a part of.”
Paige Daumeyer, Director of Hospitality

The grass is greener where you water it.” — Neil Barringham
“I like this quote, and I think it relates well to IUDM because it’s about investing in what’s important to you and I think that’s exactly what IUDM is about — creating positive change for Riley and our Riley families.”
Laura Swartz, Director of Merchandising and Apparel

“This beauty of this year’s marathon was that it showed the true power a group of 3,500 students can have when they rally behind a cause as important as pediatric health.”
Nick Kolar, Vice President of External

“IUDM to me means working to actively change other peoples lives while changing your own life in the process. I have met some of the greatest people I know, grown as a leader and an individual, and had more fun than you can imagine all while working for such an incredible cause and organization. This organization has given back to me more than I could have ever imagined and has truly changed my life.”
Samuel Reed, Director of Entertainment

IUDM has defined my college experience at IU. The impact we are able to have on so many families affected by Riley Hospital, in addition to the countless relationships I have been able to establish with some of the best people on this campus, has made this experience truly special. The record-breaking numbers each year are just the icing on the cake.”
Alex Elias, Director of Accounting

“IUDM has changed my life in so many ways, and i am forever in debt for the impact it has had on me.”
Ross Lubbers, Vice President of Events

“IUDM means doing something for someone who can never repay you. IUDM is the best friends you’ve made, the families you’ve met, the inspiration you’ve felt, the smiles you’ve seen on a Riley kid’s face, the lessons you can’t learn anywhere else, but can apply everywhere else. IUDM means family.”
Sara Kinney, Director of Marketing

“To me, IUDM and family are synonymous. Over the past three years, I have tried to give everything I have FTK, for Ryan and for Ashley, and IUDM has never failed to give back to me three times that.  Strangers have become my best friends, it has put into perspective what really matters in life, and it has given me hope that a bunch of crazy college students can actually join together to do something incredible.”
Allison Winstel, Vice President of Finance

“This year meant the world to me. The experiences I had throughout the year were incredible and culminated with the marathon. The memories made and the lives changed are without a doubt the most inspiring thing about IUDM 2014, and I could not imagine having a more meaningful experience in my four years here.”
Ben Stivers, Vice President of Internal

“IUDM has given me my best friends, a family on campus, and a lifetime of memories.  This organization has challenged me and encouraged me to always dream big and do more.  I will always carry with me the smiles on the faces of the Riley kids and the gratitude of their families. More than anything, IUDM has taught me to do everything in life with a genuine passion, an appreciation for the small things, and a belief that a few people can change the world.”
Erin Schoemer, Director of Fundraising

“Indiana University Dance Marathon has been a part of my life for the past four years. While my time being a part of the IUDM organization might be coming to a close as a student, I know my time with IUDM is not over. The IUDM family is something so special because it really does last for a lifetime. FTK ALC RW – all ways, always.”
Josie Tanner, Director of Stewardship

“In my 4 years at Indiana University, IUDM has changed my college experience and who I am as a person in such a positive way!   It has provided me with an opportunity to learn hands on leadership, empower me to better understand the impact you can create if you dedicate yourself to something, and help me achieve a higher sense of belonging and purpose all while allowing me to meet and work with some of my best friends and some of the best people I know.  No matter how much I have given to IUDM the return is always 100 fold!”
Jack Dooling, President

“You think you know what courage is…until you see children who have gone through things that you could never have imagined — and they’re up on a stage in front of thousands of college students — dancing, and singing, and laughing, and turning their story into a means of inspiration so other children can live better lives. That is what courage is, and that is just a small part of what makes this organization, this family, so special.”
Charlie Wagner, Director of Logistics

“I have learned more about life from IUDM than I ever have in any class. I learned that if you focus on the good in yourself and in others, you can bring out the best part of everyone. I learned that when people feel inspired by a mission, no matter how far the reach or how impossible it may seem, they will accomplish it. Finally, I learned that sometimes the smallest people have the biggest lessons to teach. Thank you IUDM, for giving me more than I could ever repay you. For The Kids, For The Parents, For The Families and to Build Tomorrow’s Dreams.”
Janaki Patel, Director of Riley Deveopment
“You will never work with better people, for a better cause, for the rest of your entire life.”