As March ends and the madness continues, we are excited to present an awesome fundraising opportunity! Thanks to a very generous donor, we’ve obtained 2 tickets to the NCAA men’s basketball finals next week. Here’s how it works:

By this Thursday, April 2nd, every online donation in the form of $25 (1 entry) or $100 (5 entries) will enter YOU (the donor) into a drawing for 2 tickets to the NCAA finals! The game is on Monday, April 6th at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, and you’re free to do with whatever you’d like with the tickets! 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a donation to a particular dancer, committee, or the organization as a whole – as long as it’s an online donation! 

The more you donate, the better your chances are at winning. Saving children’s lives in exchange for a chance at attending the exciting end to the NCAA basketball season… let me know if you find a better deal.

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