Every year when students register for class, there are about 5 million buttons that have to be pressed before you actually get to your shopping cart and can ACTUALLY register for classes. But, what people don’t realize is that some of the pages that we all skip through to get to our shopping cart are really important. There is a page with 5 check boxes that comes up before you get to the shopping cart, and one of the boxes is “Donate To IUDM”. 

Let me tell you why you should click this box.

1. ITS SO EASY! You literally just drag the mouse over to the box and click!
2. ITS FOR A GREAT CAUSE! Did you know that IUDM donates all the money raised to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana. IUDM has raised over $20 million for Riley and in 2014 alone, we raised $3.2 million! 
3. IT GOES ON THE BURSAR! Let’s face it, every student at any college, but especially IU, loves taking advantage of charging things to the bursar. You’re basically spending monopoly money, right??
4. THE BOX IS LONELY! As a box, he lives a life on the lonesome side. Day by day, night by night, all the box thinks about is how much more fun life would be if someone checked him. You know, to make him seem important. You see, the box had a friend who was circled in, and another friend who was marked with an x. This little box wants to stand out and think it would be the coolest to be checked. The little box just wanted to be different. Check the box to end box loneliness. Check the box and embrace diversity.
5. ITS FOR THE KIDS! How can you not check a box that is literally donating money to help save a child’s life?! When’s the last time you helped out thousands of kids in hundreds of ways? Let’s all click the box so we can all DO SOMETHING GREAT!! 

I’m Emily Diamond, and I’m FTK!