Anyone who is a part of IUDM knows that it’s not just one weekend in the fall. It’s a yearlong commitment. It’s a family. It’s a community.

The community extends beyond the committees and dancers to every person in Bloomington who contributes to our efforts. Businesses welcome us to can in front of their stores, companies donate to our cause, and Kirkwood never stops Rocking 4 Riley. Now it’s our chance to return the favor.

All culture chairs were informed about IUDM Gives Back. It’s an opportunity for committee members to volunteer with different organizations around Bloomington in order to express our gratitude to the hospitable community.

Bloomington is our home. It’s proudly the home to the second-largest student-run philanthropic organization in the country. We can, and should, want to do great things for our home and community, just as we do for the kids at Riley.

We challenge each and every committee member to sign up to volunteer and demonstrate our thanks. The Bloomington community knows what we do. Now, it’s time to show them who we are.

If you have any questions, contact Lauren Clark at