IUDM is excited to announce a new membership opportunity for those looking to get more involved with dance marathon. This year, participants will have the opportunity to apply to become an Executive Dancer—someone who is passionate about enhancing the dancer experience and welcoming new dancers into the IUDM family.
Executive Dancers will allow for even more people to get involved with IUDM and have the opportunity to impact the lives of the children at Riley Hospital.
But how do Executive Dancers fit into the rest of the membership levels of IUDM?
How do I know what I want to apply for next year?
Below are descriptions of each membership level available for IUDM 2016:

  • Subcommittee Chair
    • 6-9 per committee
    • A part of the committee leadership team
    • For people who want leadership roles within committees
    • Have a group of committee members with whom they lead on specialized tasks
    • 2 meetings per week
      • Committee meeting
      • Subcommittee chair meeting
    • Responsible for leading subcommittee breakout meetings once a month
    • Minimum fundraising: $750


  • Committee member
    • About 60-80 per committee
    • On one of 18 available committees, focused on specific aspects of IUDM
    • Serve on a subcommittee of their committee, meeting approximately once a month outside the general committee meetings
    • Attend one committee meeting per week
    • Attend majority of IUDM events
    • Minimal contact with dancer groups and organizations leading up to marathon
    • Minimum fundraising: $600


  • Executive Dancer
    • Group of approx. 200 people who will be further broken down into 8 color teams
    • 2 to 3 meetings per month led by the Executive Council
    • Need to have participated in IUDM as a committee member or dancer to be elligible
    • Will focus on improving dancer experience for first-time dancers
    • Inaugural year
      • Opportunity to develop this group for the future of IUDM
    • Ability to choose shift length (12, 24 or 36 hours) and color team for marathon
    • All shift lengths for Executive Dancers will have the benefits of 36 hour dancers
      • Ex: Indoor bathrooms and showers
    • Encouraged and invited to attend all IUDM events leading up to the marathon
    • Direct contact with color teams and will
    • Minimum fundraising: $600


  • Dancer Group Representative (DGR)
    • 2 per independent dancer organization
    • Responsible for “bridging the gap” between IUDM and independent dancer organizations and Greek chapters
    • Play a larger role in fall semester
    • Application comes out later than committee members and Subcommittee chair applications
    • Receive all information about fundraising, events and the organization to convey to their dancer organization
    • Minimum fundraising: $350


  • Dancer
    • Individuals who have never participated in IUDM before
    • 12, 24 or 36 hour dancer shifts depending on individual fundraising total
    • A part of an organization or independent dancer group
    • Minimum fundraising: $500

The application for executive dancers, committee members and subcommittee chairs will be available Friday, Dec. 17 at 5pm at iudm.org/apply.