This past Thursday  night the IUDM community came together in Alumni Hall for the third annual Runway Riley. The yearly event debuts new apparel for the upcoming marathon. This event is presented by IUDM’s Apparel and Merchandising committee. Riley Children showcase the new apparel by using their best modeling skills and taking the runway in the new apparel that is sold after the event is over.

The night started off with a short speech from Miss Riley Lesh, a patient at Riley Children’s Hospital, where she listed the top 10 reasons you should join the IUDM family. One of the reasons being that any kid could help you meet a cute girl or boy you’re too shy to go up to. After Riley finished her speech the much anticipated fashion show began.

Riley children started coming out one-by-one accompanied by committee member. Each person wore a piece of IUDM’s new apparel designed for this year’s marathon. As the kids came out on the runway we learned what they each wished for. Their answers ranged from wishing no child would ever have to go through what they went through to wishing it would rain fruit.

PictureIUDM’s 2014 Apparel and Merchandise

When the show ended, the doors opened to expose a room filled with the merchandise that had been showcased by the Riley models. Floods of IUDM participants rushed in to get in line to purchase their new IUDM apparel. This year there were two sweatshirts (a blue half-zip and a white full-zip), a long-sleeved t-shirt, a short-sleeved t-shirt, and a tank top. Novelty items such as baseball caps, a Camelback water bottle, and two decal stickers. 

If you didn’t get a chance to attend Runway for Riley, but still want to purchase IUDM’s new apparel don’t worry, the marathon is only 44 days away and you’ll be able to purchase all of the merchandise shown at this years marathon!

Written by Kaitlin Gerringer