In 36 days, we will begin standing 36 hours For Ryan, For Ashley and For The Kids. We have much to be excited about during the next 36 days as we get closer to the marathon, whether we’re committee members, dancers, Riley families or simply supporters. Here’s what our family is looking forward to in 36 days:

1. Starting off the marathon with “Eye of the Tiger” (Alli Martino, Public Relations)

2. Seeing the Riley Kids Talent Show (Maddie Elman, Fundraising)

3. Dancing the line dance (Erica Ewen, Recruitment)

4. Bonding with the committee members (Allie Michel, Stewardship)

5. Talking to the Riley Kids and hearing their stories (Kelsey Bardach, Hillel)

6. Dancing alongside my sisters for such a great cause (Nikki Naiman, Delta Phi Epsilon)

7. The chance to meet thousands of new friends (Conner Sunday, Public Relations)

8. Laughing and playing with the kids (Christina Harkleroad, Alpha Sigma Alpha)

9. Spending 36 hours with my committee (Leslie Palans, Recruitment)

10. Hanging out in the Riley D area (Kristi Rose, Public Relations)

11. The Riley Kids Talent Show – a favorite (Molly Flood, Marketing)

12. Two words: Line. Dance. (Matt Weisman, Public Relations)

13. Meeting some alumni and hearing their stories (Sydney Ellison, Alumni Relations)

14. Spending time with friends and making new ones all for a good cause (Jared Reilly, Accounting)

15. Hearing all the Riley stories and getting to meet the kids (Lindsey Fleischman, Logistics)

16. Raising money for a good cause with my best friends (Kristin Budzik, Alpha Sigma Alpha)

17. Socializing with the kids and the families (Brianna Lerme, Riley Development)

18. Celebrating the end of my committee’s first year with the marathon (Stephanie Hnat, Stewardship)

19. Seeing the young boy with leukemia that I introduced to IUDM, Joey Worzala, and his sister, 
      Melanie, visit and dance at the marathon with me (Austin Galm, Alumni Relations)

20. Getting closer with the people on my committee and other committees (Julie Schultz, Morale)

21. The emotions that fill the room at the moment the total is revealed (Lindsey Chervitz, Corporate 

22. Dancing with my fraternity brothers and committee members, Riley Kids and food (Dennis Grishin, 

23. The end of the marathon when we’re in the circle for “Angels Among Us” (Kaitlyn Ley, Merchandising       and Apparel)

24. Being with my committee as a family for one last time and seeing what all of our hard work and               dedication over the year has done when we see the total raised on Sunday morning (Caylee Adams,        Marathon Relations)

25. Hearing all the amazing stories from the families (Marni O’Daniel, Public Relations)

26. Seeing different groups from all over campus uniting for one cause (Briana Felsen, Riley 

27. Seeing how much money the IU community raised for Riley (Emily Bichl, Merchandising and Apparel)

28. Being a part of something bigger than all of us (Abby Chason, Alpha Sigma Alpha)

29. The overwhelming and indescribable sense of family that you get in that tennis center. Whether its         your first exposure to IUDM, or you’ve been with the organization for years, it’s one family coming         together with the one goal to impact and improve the lives of others, that every person is apart of.          (Molly Brunner, Morale)

30. Getting to spend 36 hours with strangers who have become my best friends, and best friends who         have became my family. (Josie Tanner, Stewardship)

31. Getting to know the Riley kids (Jackie Pavlofsky, Alpha Epsilon Phi)

32. Seeing everyone do the line dance together (Jason Gross, Morale)

33. Getting to see how exciting the kids are to have all of us dancing there for them (Alyssa Darmon,             Delta Delta Delta)

34. Maison Kurmay’s dance moves during the Riley Kid Talent Show (Ryan Cason, Morale)

35. Getting to be apart of the best rave in the nation (Jay Morrisson, Morale)

36. Seeing 11 months of hard work pay off when the everyone gathers and the total is raised at the end       (Alex Elias, Accounting)

Everyone has something to look forward to at IUDM, and in 36 days, it will all become reality. 36 days until we come together in the tennis center. 36 days until we see all the results of all our hard work and effort over the past year. 36 days until we really make miracles happen. 36 days until 36 hours. FTK.

Written by Alyssa Schor