1. The day is finally here! IUDM 2014. And you’ve finally walked into the tennis center. 
2. Eye of the Tiger signifies the beginning of IUDM 2014.
3. Being told you have to use a port-o-potty if you aren’t a 36 hour dancer.
4. Learning the line dance for the first time.
5. When your food delivery finally gets to the Tennis Center.
6. When security sees a person body surfing during the rave.
7. How you feel during the Riley Talent Show.
8. When you get a donation at the marathon.
9. You then hit your moment of weakness.
10. At one point, you think you should sit down.
11. So you rub golf balls on your feet and love the way it feels.
12. Then you stand and listen to Riley family stories.
13. Waiting to show off the final line dance.
14. Finally, the total goes up…
15. After which you come home to all your roommates who have been sleeping all weekend.
16. Before falling into bed after the marathon.
17. When it’s all said and done, but you can’t wait to start the countdown for IUDM 2015.
Written by Sarah Baum, Public Relations