Wanting to support #ImForAsh but don’t quite know how? We’re breaking down 11 ways you can support Casey Crouse and the rest of the team in honor of ALC, and of course, all for Riley Hospital for Children!

1. Get a friend, relative, neighbor who’s into running, biking, swimming or whatever to join the ImForAsh team at ImForAsh.com. Encourage them to participate in a race or sporting event as a part of the team and fundraise leading up to their big day for Riley!

2. After reaching your personal fundraising goal for IUDM, direct extra donations to the ImForAsh fundraising page. It all goes to the same place!

3. Repost ImForAsh posts on social media to help spread the word

4. Learn more about Ashley Louise Crouse by checking out the blog on her legacy at www.imforash.com/blog

5. “Can” outside grocery stores, big events, or other locales, with a bucket asking patrons for donations to Riley Hospital for Children, then give your earnings to ImForAsh at www.imforash.com

6. Sell old clothes at Platos, garage sales, poshmark.com or the like

7. Buy an ImForAsh shirt – coming out next month! Available online at IUDM.org and in the IUDM office at the IU Memorial Union

8. Babysit, mow lawns, or do other odd jobs for ImForAsh. When you share that you’re doing it for charity, people are likely to pay even more!

Ask your employer if they would match your donations to IUDM to go towards ImForAsh! Many companies have corporate matching programs. 

10. Share the ImForAsh story and mission with the next 5 people you interact with!

11. Know a local fitness or sporting business? Email IUDM Corporate Relations at corporate.relations@iudm.org suggesting that they be an ImForAsh corporate sponsor!

How have you supported the ImForAsh team? Let us know! 

We’re Allison and Sam, and we’re FTK!