Thousands of IU students spend all year looking forward to one weekend: IU Dance Marathon. Though some believe that Little 500 is the greatest college weekend in America, those people clearly have never attended IUDM. Here’s ten reasons why IUDM is truly the best college weekend in America.
10. When you participate in Dance Marathon, you’ll have no problem getting your friends to support you. If they’re not by your side dancing with you, you can get them to bring you food throughout the marathon.
9. Many people don’t wake up early enough to enjoy a sunrise, but if you’re at IUDM, you get to see the sun rise AND set. TWICE.
8. It’s not called Dance Marathon for nothing—Morale committee has worked hours preparing a hilarious line dance that you get to learn throughout the 36 hours. Some people get pumped about the dance and give it their all…
while others may be struggling around the 20th hour.
7. Hanging with the Riley kids has got to be one of the greatest parts of the marathon. There’s no better feeling than hanging out with a kid that enjoys your company and wants to follow you around the Tennis Center.
6. Screaming FTK for any reason, at any time, is never questioned at the marathon.
5. When times get tough and you start to get tired, you find out who your real friends are when they offer to give you a piggyback ride. Luckily, most participants are willing to help a fellow DM’er out.
4. IUDM helps you meet friends from all walks of life—people you may not have met if you didn’t spend time dancing together! These people will prove to be your best friends even after the marathon is over.
3. The theme hours are always creative, while finding outfits and coordinating with your friends could prove to be one of the best parts of the marathon.
2. The Total reveal at the end of the 36 hours is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Tears will be shed when you see that all your hard work has finally paid off!
1. At some point throughout the marathon, you will realize that what you’re doing truly makes a difference to the families of Riley and the other members of the IUDM community.
But if after hearing all this, you still believe little 5 is the greatest college weekend in America…